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The "WOW" Customer Experience,
Driving Top-Line Revenue and Profits 

What is the "WOW" Customer Experience?

A retail Customer feels the “WOW” Customer Experience, in your presence as a sales professional. Emotions are part of the buying experience. When you are engaged with a Customer, they genuinely feel they are the most important element in the world at that moment, making them feel special, acknowledged, and respected. All while being genuine, and authentic to yourself. 

Your Customers leave the store with products or services in hand thinking and saying to who is with them… “WOW”! They did not expect that, they got more… much more than they thought the experience was going to be. The product knowledge was amazing, the Customer felt they were the most important person in the world. Their needs and wants were exceeded! They will now look for reasons to come back and see you again! 

How will I coach your Team to deliver the “WOW” Customer Experience, that drives top-line revenue, Profits, Cash-flow, EBITDA and retain top-talent? 


1) I will use SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) questions to interview your stakeholders, I will listen critically to their answers 

2) Identify your sales propositions 

3) Observe Team behaviors 

4) Identify revenue and profit opportunities

5) Analyze the Teams work schedule to ensure it aligns with Customer traffic


The Team must think of themselves as a concierge at a fancy hotel, being completely available, mentally, physically, and offering a high value Experience to your Customer      

  • The store must be appealing, clean, properly merchandised and well lit 

  • Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, separate yourself from everyone else

  • Have self-confidence (not arrogance), hold your head high, not too high however

  • Use solid eye contact with everyone you talk with (trust is developing)

  • Always smile so you can feel it on your cheeks 

  • Always be well groomed, and personal hygiene being top of mind

  • Dress in a manner that mirrors your Customers, or professional appropriate 

  • Have passion in your presentation and tone of voice


  • Always welcome you Customers and give them your name; this is a fantastic way to begin developing their trust      and confidence in you

  • Never point a direction, always guide the Customer to their area of interest 

  • Speak slowly so you are understood the first time

Be Different, Professional, and Compelling:

  • Use your sales process (I can craft a bespoke training process for your business as well)  


  • Know and understand your businesses value propositions and reinforce them throughout your conversations. Ensure your Customer acknowledges them as well  


  • Do not use internal product or business jargon the Customer will not know 


  • Use as few words as possible to convey your message, and use your words to express, not impress


  • Give your Customer your full attention, this does not mean hovering over them constantly


  • Have props with or on you at all times. It will give you something to do while staying close to the Customer without  hovering. Example: A feather duster in you back pocket, gives the impression you enjoy a clean workspace, while the Customer is hoping you will take that same care with them, it may even be a conversation starter. Additionally,  Customers are more likely to approach a salesperson when they are performing small tasks, verses interrupting a    group of salespeople talking amongst themselves 

  • Be lighthearted in your conversations at the beginning 

Fully Engage Your Customer:

  • Take in all you have learned in a brief time; how your Customer is dressed, how they speak, the type of words they    use, body language, vehicle they drove in, children, friends, or pets they have with them. Use these opportunities to  start casual comfortable conversation, which is not business related. Simple, rapport building and enjoying others

  • By all means be genuine and authentic... this is exactly what your Customer wants from you… trust 


  • Treat Customers like they could be your next new best friends  


  • Use the same body language as your Customer, this will allow trust with you, to set in quicker with them  


  • The attention to the Customer must be so high, they have the impression you do not drink water or eat. The              Customer… is the most important person in the world at the moment to you


  • The entire Sales Team must behave in the same manner, so they do not interrupt you for personal reasons.                  Example: Discussing personal matters in front of the Customer. Example: “I’m going to the coffee shop, what can I      get you?”

  • Offering them some water or other comforts to help keep them engaged is good when appropriate

Partner With Your Customers in Their Buying Decision: 

  • Your Customer wants a partner in this buying process, who is enthusiastic about the products and services offered,      now it is time to be that person for your Customer 


  • Product knowledge and the services you offer must be well ingrained in your mental toolbox. This is the exchange:        your Customers acknowledgment, genuine rapport building, listening skills, product knowledge, sales process, and      attention will intersect with… “I’ll take it!”  

  • Be well prepared to help your Customer make a buying decision now, a positive attitude always wins 


In Conclusion:


    Think of your own buying habits, when you went into a store with the intentions of making a feel-good purchase,                 and being disappointed by a poor sales experience, leaving empty handed. What experience are you prepared to                     deliver?

    Buying and helping a Customer make a buying decision is an emotional journey, have fun and enjoy the ride!  
    Consider this, anything in your store can be purchased on the internet without you. The “WOW” Customer                                Experience will separate you from others, and actually satisfy the Customer on the spot. The internet cannot do                    this… however you can!


    The resulting top-line revenue, and Profits will have a positive effect on the organizations EBITDA as well.  

    You Got This! 




3 Pillars of On Track Retail Coaching
and the "WOW" Customer Experience, Driving Top-Line Revenue, Profits, Cash-Flow and EBITDA
The blueprint for sustained, and scalable retail engaging sales Teams



Imagine, communicating with your Team the first time and it sticks! As fundamental as it is, Communication is the most overlooked component of driving successful sales engaging Teams. As leaders, we assume the people around us know what is in our heads, however, they only know what we tell them. Be deliberate and unique Communicating with your valuable Team. 

  • Easy to use, Communication Preference Worksheet

  • The secret foundation of achieving great work relations, for positive results

  • Discover the unique communication styles needed for each of your Team Members

Team Member Engagement

Realizing that your Team Member Engagement reflects their unique relationship with their work. This step-by-step process is essential, to drive personal and business success. ​

Full engagement represents an alignment of maximum job satisfaction (“I like my work and do it well”) with maximum job contribution (“I help achieve the mission and goals of the company").

  • Discover what motivates your individual Team Members 

  • Learn what your Team Members values are

  • Why did they want to join your Team in the first place

  • Learn how to align Team Members values, goals, motivations and aspirations, with those of your company


Now it is time to put it all together and witness the revenue, profit and cash-flow increases from your Team in action. Reporting has outlined where sales efforts need to be focused, now is the time for results! ​Your Teams wants the benefits of reaching goals and success. This builds a loyal Team that will move mountains!

Outstanding Sales Leadership does not shy away from Accountability. . . they lean into it! 

  • Time-tested sales engaging tools in place, managed by the entire Team (winners keep score)

  • Step-by-step sales coaching worksheet to keep Managers and Team focused on priorities

  • A complete training guide on Managers being Coaches   

These simple, yet effective, pillars are essential in delivering The "WOW" Customer Experience, Driving Top-Line Revenue and EBITDA. Easy to deliver for any fast-paced retail sales Team. A natural byproduct of this method is, retaining top talent. Imagine the positive results and impact on your Team, your Customers, and you!

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