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George Gerstenberg, M.C.P.C.

Professional Retail Sales Coach, Consultant, Inspirational Speaker

I provide unbiased 3rd party insight of your Sales Teams and processes.


As a champion, navigating challenges, and thinking critically about success comes naturally.   


As a coach, I will help to unlock self-imposed limitations and close knowledge gaps.


I believe if someone chooses to work in a brick and mortar, retail sales, engaging profession, they deserve the opportunity to be, and feel successful.


The process of developing a highly successful Team is not difficult in theory. The challenges however, become visible with an ever-changing economy, and workforce.

Great people evolve into exceptional Team Members that drive top-line revenue and profits, when invested in. With easy to manage processes in place, a culture of learning, high level of communication and trust, will ensure job satisfaction is met. along with cash-flow and profits. This is the intersection of the "WOW" Customer Experience, and growing a retail business with world class EBITDA.

I have trained, and coached thousands of retail managers and sales professionals, by growing a national retail chain that is the largest in its space in the U.S.

I am a passionate person, and enjoy a great retail experience, like all consumers. You, your valued Team, and Customers and most importantly your family deserve to get On Track!




Brick and Mortar




Regional and District Managers

Team Leaders / Managers

National / International 



Luxury Goods

Home Entertainment





Auto Tires





Musical Instruments

And Your Business! 


Record Player

My Retail Background

Director of Store Performance

  • Develop sales accountability processes

  • Work shoulder to shoulder with Sales Teams and Leaders

  • Drive revenue, profits and world class store EBITDA  

Director of Training

  • Developed training department from the ground up 

  • Customer expectations, sales, leadership, team building skills 

  • Sales accountability processes

  • Trained product knowledge for 13 in house brands 

  • Copywriting for house brands

  • Product Host of online retail websites

  • Produced sales training videos

  • Regional, Instructor led training classes around the country 

  • Developed a grassroots marketing process for new store locations

  • Developed and instructed District Manager training 

  • Developed and instructed Leadership training 

  • Plan and organize company events 

District Manager

  • Drove revenue to scale the business to a national brand

Even after George's visit with my team, I could still hear his voice in my head, almost like a Jiminy Cricket conscious, he helps you to be a better version of yourself. The best part was, we had a 43% increase in sales in one day after only two days of immersive coaching/training! George empowered my team to ROCK!

Denise, VA

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